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Living is good. Don't diminish your life!  Abolish Mcjobs and long working hours. Guarantee wages and social security to live straight! Don't allow social exclusion and sorting. We don't go down without a fight! Don't kill. Abolish war! MAKE MAYDAY THE DAY OF PROTEST, SOLIDARITY, AND FIGHTBACK

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Right to live.
We shall not live by bread alone.
We shall live by drinking and rumpus.
We are deprived of our “culture.”
By daily labor, daily consumption, and daily management.

Don’t let living be a labor.
Don’t let living be leisure.

We should take to the streets, for reclaiming our existence.
We should take to the streets, for reclaiming our freedom.
We should take to the streets, for telling we are also alive.
We live. Therefore we resist.

For living and freedom.

--- excerpt from Mayday07 for freedom and lives: A fightback of precariats “Mayday Manifesto Gathering”

# a confirmation from the executive committee
People, who try to “solve” political differences by violence and still justify those acts and ideas, are not supposed to admit.

Date: May 3rd, 2008
1. Manifesto Gathering 16:00-17:30 @ Okubo Community Center
2. Demonstration 18:00-20:00 from Okubo to Shinjuku
3. Party 21:00-29:00 @ CLUB ACID

Contact Address:
Freeter Zenpan Roudou Kumiai (Freeters' General Union)
MK Bld. 2F
4-16-13 Nishi-shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,
160-0023 Japan
TEL/FAX: 81-3-3373-0180 (from in-japan: 03-3373-0180)
E-mail: union(at)

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